Go on – squeeze in one more race day before it’s too cold!

Jenny & Kimberly invite you to join us for a great day at the races. We all put so much effort (and money) into the fabulous Spring Carnival that we know you’ve got a frock or suit just crying to be worn again. And we can put on the whole day for a lot less than a carpark – and even give you walls and a roof! Plus you’ll have a great day AND be able to support two great causes. So get your mates organised and we look forward to seeing at LEAST 250 of you there on the day for the biggest private racing party you’ll get to this year.

(And for the St Kilda and Sth Yarra crowd, you can’t claim distance as an excuse as we’ve organised a bus…we know what you’re like!)

It’s all in aid of a good time…and a good cause

The race day is supporting the work of two great organisations. We’re hoping to raise several thousand dollars, between ticket sales and a fab raffle & silent auction on the day.

1. The Cheshire School

Cheshire School provides a specialised 12 month Intervention Program to support children from prep through to grade six, who have demonstrated significant social, emotional and behavioural problems in their mainstream schools.

 2. Western Chances

Western Chances assists young people in the western suburbs to realise their potential through the provision of scholarships, employment links and inspiring  programs.

Founded in 2003 by Terry Bracks, western chances has provided close to 1000 scholarships and has invested over $1 million directly in the young people of the West.